World Backup Day 31st March – Protect Your Data

World Backup Day - logo
World Backup Day – logo

Peter Herriman from Web South says,
“We actually recommend regular backups, and multiple storage locations and devices, but I learnt those techniques during the early ’80’s and on mainframe systems with data worth millions of dollars (back then, imagine now!). All the same, we are well aware that people do not value thier data as well as they probably should.

“It is only when they are faced with a failed hard drive (or USB, mobile phone, tablet or other storage device, or that it is lost or stolen) that they start thinking about how much value they should have placed on that data – and they then regret not making a backup. Often it is too late.

“Lately people are relying on “Cloud Backup”, it certainly is convenient, unfortunately it too cannot be taken as the only solution, as online backup storage businesses can collapse without notice, and we have even had people unable to access the cloud storage because they simply lost that secure password or changed emails.

Sadly – I am hoping to scare you – into doing something about backing up your data.”

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