Remote Support

Ask Web South to help you by remote support.

Please note that using this service will incur a time based charge. Our help desk operator will discuss this with you.

  • You should talk with the Web South Help Desk as to how much the charges will be prior to this service. You can tell them straight up if you only have a small budget to put toward the solution.
  • We don’t want to have you with ‘bill shock’ but we do want to fix your problem.
  • Our Charges are time based: In increments of 15 minutes.
    The first 30 minutes: $40.00
    Then in increments of 15 minutes afterward: $20.00 (per 15 min)
  • ADVANTAGES of Remote Support:
    •  Helps bring service costs down by you not having to travel to us or us having to travel to you.
    • Delivers solutions on premises quickly.
    • Can be used for regular maintenance support (keeping you computer safe)
    • Can be used for ‘Tuition’ – This is a great way to deliver tuition to you at your home or business.
  • Note: Not all problems can be fixed by remote support, but it can often help in diagnosing the problem to a point where physical work is required and will most likely save you time by doing it this way, and reduce overall costs to fix the problem.

ADDITIONAL SUPPORT: There are times something might stop our remote support software load on your computer, and here are some things we have found that you can do to try your end which might just safe a visit.

Each computer system is unique, it has its own hardware ‘variances’ and software ‘variances’  and is configured for each individual or organisation to what they need. The fact that you are calling Web South for support suggests that you suspect or know something is not working correctly on that computer (or maybe even the network).

Web South, its Agents and its staff will not be held responsible for any data loss or damage which has occured prior to Web South accessing your computer or computer system, and will make every effort to try and preserve your data. Whenever possible Web South will try to warn you if there is a possibility of data loss, but there are occasions where this loss is unforseen due to the problem and may well have been lost before Web South accessed your computer system.
Web South always recommends backing up your system regularly, and would normally do so before working on your computer when it is in the workshop. If you feel that any loss of data would be a risk, THAT YOUR DATA IS VERY IMPORTANT – PRECIOUS in fact, please tell us and we will arrange with you as to whether the data is small enough to do remotely (if at all possible) or to arrange for a pickup to be handled in the workshop.

Data backups can go from many hours, if you have lots of photos, movies or tunes. When backing up in the workshop we only charge for setting up and starting the process. We backup your system just in case something goes wrong, so we have a chance to recover your data. Please note that even though we do a backup – there is no guarantee that your data is readable as the problem may well have corrupted or deleted it.

Our aim is to help you through your crisis as best we can.

Any verbal quote given by Web South is given as a guide based on limited information provided by You. A verbal quote is intended to give You an estimate on the price and not an assurance that the service will be completed within that price.

Ver 1.02 – 12/08/2022  (Updated Ownership)
Ver 1.01 – 21/05/2018