Facebook SCAM to Steal Your Login ID

Another Facebook SCAM – seems most likely this one is trying to steal your login details.
I have just received an email from “Facebook” (NOT REALLY Facebook) – this content below – please do not spread it!
Account Deletion
Following our latest report, more than 40% of accounts registered on our servers are inactive or unused accounts.
We are sending this notice to random selected users, in order to validate real and active accounts.
In order to avoid deletion of [my email address], please confirm your account
Confirm [my email address]
The Facebook Security Team
Now – being a suspicious person I used my Mailwasher Pro to look into the email to see where it had really come from
– this one is from Ankara – Turkey. On looking further the link they give you DOES NOT GO TO FACEBOOK.
Advice: if you receive an email like this and you are worried your account might be deleted – go to Facebook by logging in as you normally would – NOT through a suggested link.
Facebook should give you some kind of message similar – if they are doing this kind of checking.

Chances are they are not – but you don’t want to chance getting the warning. Bypass the email and go direct – the trusted way to check.

Want to avoid some costly mistakes when checking emails?
Then Mailwasher Pro is the go for you,
It’s a life saver for us at Web South.

MailWasher - The Ultimate Weapon Against SPAM - Learn More
MailWasher – The Ultimate Weapon Against SPAM – Learn More

As well many of our customers also use Mailwasher Pro (on our recommendation)
and it avoids them having to look at terribly confronting photos and text,
because they can recognise it back at the server and delete it straight away.

Above is a shameless affiliate link advert for Mailwasher Pro – we love it.