Domain Name Scam Alert


We have been made aware of a scam targeting .au registrants, with emails from someone posing as an auDA employee requesting scans of personal documents.

Please do not not reply to it.

Who is the auDA?
auDA is the administrator of Australia’s .au top level domain and thier work ensures .au remains a secure and trusted asset for all Internet users.

auDA will only ask for this information via the Domain Wholesaler and will never contact you directly to confirm this information.

What does this mean for most of our Web South Customers?

You should only receive an email directly from us,
We already hold your registration details, so are unlikely to ask for those details,
BUT we do ask that if you change any details to contact us directly, or 0429 811 958
You will also get reminders to let us know if you have changed any details, especially when you get your next invoice.

Be Careful of All Emails
Web South is also aware that some scammers have impersonated many Business and Organisations emails including Web South emails.
If unsure when you get an email from Web South and it doesn’t look quite right, please ring me 0429 811 958. (You may need to leave a message, I will get back to you as soon as I can)

Take Care Everyone!
Peter Herriman – Web South