Domain Confirmation SCAM


This one could easily catch anyone who has registered thier own domain name.

This may vary but it is likely to look like this in the Subject of the email

Domain Name Ownership Scam - Email Subject line
Domain Name Ownership Scam – Email Subject line

It is possible to get emails from Auda, and it may be to verify ownership.
It is unlikely to be asked to “SEND” information, and the,
“I smell a rat” clue was they were threatening to cancel within 24 hours.

So looking deeper – here is an image of the email.
As with most scams these days – they use the branding from the ‘real’ organisation to gain trust.

Domain Name Ownership Scam - Message

Domain Name Ownership Scam – MessageI suggest that you should always treat anything requesting information with suspicion
Although you do have to be careful not to ignore anything completely (it might be real).

The first thing I do is have a look at where the Button is going to take you.

Domain Name Ownership Scam - Button target
Domain Name Ownership Scam – Button target

It just goes to show how clever the scammers are getting now – if you only look quickly at the URL you might read it as an Adobe File Storage,
when if you look closely at it – the name is mis-spelt. You would feel validation that it includes your domain name (but that is really just passing that info on to the Spammers – SCAM website).


That website may urge you to upload your business paperwork or it may download viruses or trojans to your computer.
They may well use your business paperwork to steal your website away from your control (or try con some other information from another department. The result will be a big headache for you.

Your website is an important part of your business (and thier reason may not be directly for that purpose)

So – just to confirm that the email was a scam I looked deeper at the email,
it can be seen that three of the domains are not Australian. 

Domain Name Ownership Scam - Looking deeper at the email source
Scam – Looking deeper at the email source

To make it even harder to validate if the Australian Domain Regulators (Auda) were doing some kind of survey or warning about scams,
THIER WEBSITE WAS DOWN when I tried to go there directly (not through the email).
this could actually be a ploy the scammers too (perhaps flooding that domain with traffic to put it offline).

I hope this article helps you.