December SALE Items At Web South

COMPUTERS that Web South have on SALE at the moment.

Note that I do currently have multiple computers of similar specs in stock (7800, 8000, i5 & i7), and that they may vary slightly in configuration.

If you would like an even more powerful computer, a bigger screen, larger hard drive, more RAM or a backup drive, just ask for pricing. Recently 27″ Monitors have been very popular, and as many people are working home due to COVID-19, perhaps working with a second screen, or external mouse/keyboard may help you be more productive.

I have many other items available, in stock, such as cables, wireless routers, components and if I don’t have it in stock I can also order in, so please contact me to tell me what you are after. I think you will find that if I have the item it is likely to be much cheaper than going ‘South’ to get it and that is even without adding your cost and time of driving. No harm in asking and I will not be offended if choose to go elsewhere.